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1,400 pallet General Merchandise Liquidation: Short Notice!!!!

By order of a major department store wholesaler
Due to company moving to a new location
1,400 Pallets of general merchandise and store fixtures
All original, retail ready, case goods
To be liquidated for one week only (3/5-3/10/2016)

Merchandise from all categories to be sold at liquidation prices, due to the short sale.
Merchandise includes: Toys, Games, Gifts, Housewares, Hardware, Apparel, Health and beauty aides, grocery items, As seen on TV, Store fixtures, and much much more.

All items to be sold in Pallet quantities only and to buyers ready to purchase by the truckload.
All items to be picked up by Friday 3/11/2016

Warehouse located at convenient New Jersey location approximately 60 min from the George Washington Bridge.

To schedule an appointment: Call 917-602-9144 or email or at

Items to be sold on a first come first serve basis…DON’T MISS OUT!!!


Sorial Designer Handbags: Great Opportunity

Sorial, the designer manufacturer of ladies handbags is liquidating their overstock of current and discontinued inventory.
In addition to being featured in major department stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s, Annie Sez and TJ Maxx, to name a few, Sorial products are universally recognized worldwide for their quality and unique fashion. This recognition reached national proportions when the Sorial’s handbags were featured as one of The Today Show’s Daily Deal signature items.

Premium brands rarely become available on the discount market, and this provides a rare opportunity to obtain premium product at well below original wholesale prices.

The offering consists of approximately 6,400 Sorial designer handbags separated into three primary categories.
Current Line Vegan Handbags of all manmade materials- Approximately 4,000 pieces
Current Line All Fine Leather Handbags- Approximately 1,800 Pieces
Recently discontinued line of All Fine Leather Handbags (from Model years 2010-2012)- Approximately 660 Pieces

Full manifested inventory with exclusive liquidation pricing is available upon request, and we will be considering offers on all categories.
All Partial and take all offers will be entertained.

All handbags are brand new direct from the manufacturer, with all labels and tags.
Do not miss out on this rare opportunity.

Contact Dave at 917-602-9144 with any questions


48,000 + cases Prime first quality paper goods: Distributors inventory!!!

Manufacturers Inventory

48,000 + cases

Prime, first quality paper goods and supplies

Over $1,300,000.00 in Distributor wholesale cost

Over $2,100,000.00 at retail

Fully Manifested inventory!

All Cases Bar Coded and Retail Ready!

All On pallets!

750+ Pallets

30+ Trailers

iPack solutions, one of the leading manufacturers, importers and distributors of disposables for the food service trade, has closed its doors and is closing out its New Jersey distribution center. iPack Solutions products cover the full range of products for retail, commercial and institutional use. These products include but are not limited to disposable bulk pack and individual pack cutlery, plastic and paper plates, napkins, straws, and serving utensils. iPack products are well respected for their quality, and are distributed and sold by the most discriminating suppliers, including W.B. Mason.

We are currently accepting bids on all or partial inventories.

Manifest inventory available upon request.

Full product Catalogue available upon request.

Inspection on site available by appointment only.

Serious inquiries only.

Please direct all questions to or for an immediate response contact Dave directly at 917-602-9144.


Womens Clothing- 2 PC Sets, Dresses and More: Three seperate offerings

Title: Fine Women’s Clothing: 2 PC sets, and more
This offering consists of three (3) separate closeouts of the fine women’s clothing. This clothing is sold in boutiques and via some very exclusive mail order catalogues.
Part 1) Consists of approximately 7,000 units (+/- 10%) in the following breakdown
2,000-2,500  2 PC Sets, dresses and suits, all of the finest quality and of the most current styles. These items retail for up to $189.00 retail, and come in a mixture of casual ware and evening ware. Complete size runs from small to 5 x. The product comes packed in both flat pack for mail order as well as on display hangers.
This is a must see inventory!
This product is being offered at a one time take all price of $20,000.00 or best offer
Part 2) Consists of 400 Beaded, 2 PC evening ware sets: These were made by contract for an exclusive 7th Ave women’s clothier with an MSRP of $189.00 each. You must see the item to fully appreciate it.  Comes complete ordered size run for the client.
This product is being offered at a one time take all price of $35.00 each or best offer
Part 3) A total of 200 decorated hats and evening clutches in equal distribution (100 of each). These beautiful white, all year round fabric hats, were designed for church and temple going individuals. The hats are decorated with gold tuling, and accented with a gold rosette in the front. The Clutches were designed to match, with matching fabric, tuling and flower. An absolutely elegant accessory to any outfit.
These items are priced per individual piece, but can be retailed both individually and as a matched set.
This product is being offered at a one time take all price of $4.50 or best offer

Samples and site are available for inspection, by appointment. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.




200,000 units Steve and Barry merchandise

200,000 units Steve and Barry merchandise

A Fully manifested inventory


A fully manivested inventory of Steve and Barry clothing from all departments (except footware)

For more information, or to recieve a copy of the manifest, please call or email.

By phone at:917-602-9144

By email at: and please CC: to

Please put on Subject line RE: Steve and Barry



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36,000 Square Feet Pollished Plywood wall tile

36,000 Square Feet of pollished plywood wall tile

Consisting of 30+ pallets of 20″x20″  tiles with connector strips

Prouced by Premier furniture maker Natuzzi, as pictured below installed in brand new construction.

Currently on sale at Tile World of Wayne NJ for $14.99 per square foot

Currently being offered at $3.50 per square foot or best offer

Make an offer and see what happens



Huge Health and Beauty aids, Cosmetics, and Fragrances Closeout

Huge Health and Beauty aids, Cosmetics, and Fragrances Closeout


Below is the list of items available. Included are the offering prices and photo where available.

 As always, all counter offers will be considered,  additional discounts may be available for qualified orders. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Sally Hansen Blue cosmetic finishing brush
Quantity available- 20,000 pcs
MSRP- $2.99 Catalogue wholesale- $0.50  Closeout price- $0.17  

Sally Hansen 3 pc brush set with orange pouch
Quantity available-20,000 pcs
MSRP $2.99  Catalogue wholesale- $0.50    Closeout price- $0.38


Sally Hansen blue shower foot brush and file
Quantity available- 5,000 pcs
MSRP- $2.99  catalogue wholesale- $0.50  Closeout Price $0.30
 Buy Today and Take All for- $0.23 each!!!




Sally Hansen blue shower foot brush and file

Sally Hansen blue shower foot brush and file

Apt 5 Lip and Eye care cosmetics
Quantity available- 100,000 pcs
MSRP- $1.19- $5.99 Catalogue wholesale- $0.60- $1.10

Closeout price- $0.25- Sold Out!!!


















Finese Facial Sponge
Quantity available- 150,000 pcs
MSRP- $2.99 Catalogue wholesale- $0.65 Closeout price- $0.20

Buy Today and Take All for- $0.15 each!!!


Finesse facial loufa

Finesse facial loufa


Ice Hair Color Spike
Quantity Available- 100,000 pcs total in 10 colors
MSRP- $8.99  Catalogue wholesale- $0.90 Closeout wholesale- $0.55





Ice Color Spikes
Ice Color Spikes


Glade Plug-in with refill (individually Repacked from bulk)
Quantity available- 20,000 pcs
MSRP- $2.29  Closeout price- $0.55


Glade Plug-In



Cosmetic Basket/ Vanity caddy
Quantity available- 15,000 pcs
MSRP- $1.99  Catalogue wholesale- $0.75  Closeout price- $0.40






Almay Facial soap Single box pack (2 fragrances)
Quantity available- 10,000 pcs
MSRP- $1.79  Catalogue wholesale – $0.90 

Closeout price- $0.55
Loves baby soft,Teddy bear/ perfume gift set in acetate box
Quantity available- 9,000 sets
MSRP-$12.99 Catalogue wholesale- $3.75 Closeout price-$1.75
 Sold Out!!!


Schick Quatro Titanium razor- 1pc clamshell blister
Quantity available- 250 dozen (3000 pcs)
MSRP- $4.79  Closeout price-$1.65
Buy Today and Take All for- $1.40 each!!!
Revlon Cherish 0.50 oz cologne spray
Quantity Available- 5,000 pcs
MSRP- $2.99 Catalogue wholesale- $0.25


Closeout price- $0.15
British Sterling 0.50 oz clamshell blister
Quantity Available- 8,500 pcs
MSRP- $4.99  Catalogue wholesale- $1.25 Closeout price- $0.70


Navy for men 1.7 oz EDC
Quantity Available- 7,000 pcs
MSRP- $9.99   Catalogue wholesale- $4.00 Closeout price- $2.75



 Buy Today and Take All for- $0.65 each!!!


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